Activities in the summer time

Fishing, walking and relaxing – these are the three top wishes of our guests when asked. But guests who want to undertake something will not be disappointed. Mountainbiking, swimming (in the lake in Myrkulla or in the adventure baths in Arvidsjaur), sightseeing in the near and far periphery, trips to the polar circle (Arctic Circle), rafting, canoeing, sightseeing flights, horse riding, guided walking-tours and much more is possible so that everyone will find something he or she wants to do.

A lot of guests are coming in autumn for the hunting season. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Quad safaris

In the winter time the snowmobile is the working mule and transport for difficult terrain. It enables us to work in areas/places where the car can’t go or can’t reach. In the summer time it is replaced by the Quad.

But the Quad can also – like the snowmobile in winter – be used to make safaris. Go with us on a day trip through the untouched nature of Lapland off the beaten tracks and off the main streets/routes. For not asking too much of the participants, the length and the target of the day trip will be discussed and agreed in advance. Normal physical constitution and a car driving license are required for the day trip and/or the several days tour.

A Quad with fuel, helmet, gloves and rain protecting clothing are prepared. Our guests should take care of practical footgear and clothing by themselves. The price is 490,- SEK per hour (min. 2 hours).

MTB tour

Hundreds of miles of dirt tracks and trails are waiting for you just on the doorstep of your holiday home. Hilly ground, wavy ground or just plain ground. Do you favor short tours or day trips? There should be something for everyone. All the time cycling in the green nature of Lapland. Only escorted by reindeer and nearly no sign of cars or civilization.

As regeneration time but also suitable as training ground for ambitioned sportsmen and sportswomen.

Feel free to rent a mountain bike. The rent starts from 350,- SEK per day.


Discover the almost endless landscape of Lapland with its countless lakes and rivers, partly interconnected, with different levels of difficulty.

You can start an exploration tour with a rented kayak from Myrkulla or you can go on tour with your own kayak/canoe on the lakes and rivers nearby.

Rent a kayak with equipment for 350,- SEK per day. Guided tours available on request.

Day trips

Go on a sightseeing tour with us in the local area. We will take you to different adventures, whether this are beautiful spots of nature, places of cultural interest or husky farms or, or, or… there will be every time something new to discover/explore.

All day trip prices include the FIKA. For further information please contact the reception. Prices start from 350,- SEK per person.

Fitness / Wellness

Jogging, cycling and swimming are the sports which are most popular in and around Myrkulla off-peak the winter-season. That is why we organise the “Myrkulla-X –Man”-triathlon every end of August. Even for our guests if they wish to.

Swimming in the three lakes nearby, cycling – not recommended for street race bicycles – jogging- and running-courses with over a hundred miles in the surrounding area will satisfy every training plan and training wish.

But also nordic walkers (we offer a tutorial for beginners) and wanderers will find a sheer numberless variety of trails and tracks. E.g. experience our “elk trail”, a marked trail created by elks and reindeers. In additon we will offer courses for balanced diet and mental training. Or maybe you would like to get an individual arranged personal training?

We will offer special individual programs for everyone who is interested in and wants to improve his/her own good health and his/her physical fitness.

In our wood fired saunas and our Hot Tub the wellness and the well-being will get the last fine tuning.